Right of revocation

The customer has the right to revoke the contract within a month without giving any reason in written form (i.e. by letter, email, fax) or - in case the goods or products were delivered before the end of this period - also by returning the goods or products. The period starts earliest at the day after receiving this information, but not prior to the delivery of the goods or products and also not before Mister Heinel has entirely fulfilled his legal obligations to inform the customer about his right of revocation.

The contract is revoked in time, when the goods or products are returned within this time period. The declaration of revocation has to be addressed to:

SWS Marek Heinel
Marek Heinel
Schönblickstraße 107
71272 Renningen


Legal Consequences of Revocation

If the customer exercised his right of revocation, both parties have to reimburse the benefits.

The customer has the obligation to pay compensation for the lost value, if he is not able to reimburse the received benefits or products in total or only in a deteriorated condition. This regulation only holds for shortcomings that are the result of a usage that goes beyond a regular assassment of the features and functionality of the products or goods – how it would have been possible in a retail shop.

End of instructions concerning the right of revocation

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) of the European Commission

By the beginning of 2016 the European Commission offers a platform for the online dispute resolution. You can find the platform here: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.